After-sales Service Standard

XINJI take customer as the center and satisfy customers' requirements as the criteria to ensure the advanced, reliable and stable products, and constantly improve the service quality, so that customers can get the best maintenance and technical support.

XINJI will guarantee the rights and interests of customers, accelerate the progress of after-sales maintenance, improve the quality of after-sales service and improve customer satisfaction.


Warranty Policy
This warranty policy is applicable to XINJI products, including smart watches, Internet of things products, etc. During the warranty period, in case of functional failure during normal use, XINJI will provide free maintenance or replacement services according to the standard policy guidelines formulated by the company.
Warranty Duration

XINJI promises that for the equipment sold, we will be responsible for free maintenance for 12 months for the product quality problems that belong to our responsibility within the quality assurance period.

The warranty period of the device is applicable from the activation date or Invoice date whichever is earlier. Delayed activation date due to unforeseen logistics delays on product delivery will be considered however a valid proof of purchase ID Invoice is mandatory to produce if demanded at the service center to avail product replacements.

To avail warranty service support for XINJI products, customers are advised to carry the original box pack while visiting the service center along with valid purchase proof of Invoice.

During the warranty period, if the watch has non-artificial damage and product quality problems, it can be replaced for free; If the watch body fails, you can replace or repair separately.

During the warranty period, if any functional failure occurs, XINJI will provide maintenance services free of charge for workmanship and required spare parts through their authorized service centers. All replaced parts are owned by XINJI.

Warranty does not cover if the device gets rooted by the user and if it cannot get restored by a software update, ASC to ensure to take prior approval from the customer before flashing the software.

If there is any conflict between this service policy and national laws and regulations, all national laws and regulations shall prevail.


Warranty Exclusions

This warranty neither covers man-made damages nor any of the following conditions, however, paid repair services are available.

The device has exceeded the standard warranty duration.

Warranty sticker is missing/misplaced or altered.

Warranty does not cover natural wear and tear (for example cable, connector, etc.), use of non-XINJI accessories, usage under extreme conditions, damage caused by an act of God such as floods, fire or earthquakes.

Failure and damage caused by abnormal use, storage and operation. The device is damaged due to improper use such as falling, squeezing, water damage, etc.,

Non-XINJI official warranty commitments.

Failure and damage caused by repair in non-XINJI designated maintenance organization.

No warranty card and valid proof of purchase, however, an exception can be granted if the customer can prove that the accessory is within the warranty period

Products purchased overseas are not entitled to claim warranty services in domestic service centers however can avail repair services on chargeable basis taking into consideration of spare part costs etc., with a prior appointment at service centers.

* XINJI reserves the right of final analysis. For any after-sales changes or guidelines, please pay attention to our official website information or corresponding document notices.