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Our Brand

Live Smarter, Live Healthier - - XINJI

XINJI is an international technology company, bringing customers a full range of healthy and comfortable modern life experiences with high-quality smart wear and smart home products. It targets young people who love new trends and technologies, and try to lead consumers into the smart digital world with rich interactive design and innovative experience.

We insist on the exquisite art design and customer-centric product development strategy, continue to innovate and integrate artificial intelligence technology into modern life, to provide consumers with comfort and convenience in daily life and sports.


XINJI was founded in 2016 and began its research and development of smart technology. In 2018, XINJI established a Technology Research & Development Center in cooperation with FISE Technology, the leading hardware service provider, to provide companies with smart electronic product solutions.

In 2020, XINJI began its own smart wearable product development to provide the end consumers with premium products. We set up brand branches in the United States, Spain, Central America, and Saudi Arabia. With the efforts of the international marketing team and sales team, we have established good cooperative relations with distributors in various countries and regions. XINJI gets more and more appreciation and praise for our high-quality product.

With rich interaction and invisible technology, XINJI creates a natural and convenient digital experience for you.

We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy a healthy and comfortable lifestyle brought by technology.

XINJI insists on providing you with high-quality and affordable devices, which meet your daily needs and leave money in your pocket.